Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Hotter GORE-TEX Shoes

I was sent this pair of GORE-TEX Mist Hotter Shoes to review.

The blurb says that they combine the Hotter Comfort Concept with the practicality of GORE-TEX. This is spot on. From day one my shoes have kept my feet warm and dry. They are sturdy and comfortable.

I walk whenever I can, so recently that has meant walking on snow, ice, slush, through puddles and soggy leaves. I've been wearing my Hotter GORE-TEX shoes solidly for over a month and they still look like new. They fit me beautifully, it's like wearing slippers.

They're not bulky or heavy like my old walking boots, in fact these look like trainers poking out from under my jeans. I feel smart wearing them anywhere.

There are four women's shoes and boots in the GORE-TEX range. I'm happy with my selection, Mist at £74.

I now have a fantastic pair of sensible walking shoes that get me from home to playgroup via the park with ease. I like Hotter Shoes for their quality and comfort and I love that they are a Lancashire manufacturer too. 


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