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My name is Sandy Calico and this is my reviews blog. My personal blog is Baby Baby.

I’m in my very early forties. I’m married to Andy (yeah, I know, we’re Andy & Sandy!). We live in marvellous Milton Keynes. We have two sons, born within a year of each other. Presley is 5 and Cash is 4.

I’m a qualified accountant, but haven’t ‘worked’ since 2007. I’ve been a stay at home mum since then. I’m now building up a freelance writing business so that I can work from home.

When I’m not parenting or blogging I read a lot. I practice yoga. I’m learning to sew, crochet and bake with varying degrees of success. I also faff about on the internet.

I occasionally write short fiction. I’ve had one short story published at The Pygmy Giant and two other short stories published in Tiny Acorns, available at Amazon in print and Kindle editions. I’ve also had a piece of creative non-fiction published in the Lancashire anthology Word Soup: Year One. My Old Man. My amazing unfinished unpublished novel is on hold for now…

I love to sing and have written a few songs. I’ve recorded them (with Andy's help) and uploaded a few to MySpace if you fancy a listen. I’m also a voice for hire when Andy or his musician friends need a female vocal and aren’t too fussy about the quality!


You can find me on Twitter as @SandyCalico.

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