Monday, 7 March 2011


If I'm having a dinner party I always try to have a special non-alcoholic drink available for the drivers or anyone who is not drinking.

Shloer always goes down well, it is sparkling and refreshing and not too sweet. I was delighted to be sent three bottles of Shloer to try; white grape and elderflower (one of my old favourites), white grape and raspberry and cranberry (a new favourite) and the newly launched Shloer Rose.

The Rose has lovely subtle flavour and I've been enjoying a glass of it in the evening with dinner. I don't drink during the week so it is perfect for me.

I was pleased to read that Shloer contains no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings. Lovely.

The dreamgenii Twinkle Tog

We were sent a dreamgenii Twinkle Tog to review. It is a sleeping bag your toddler can walk in.

While it is funny to see your little one shuffling about trying to walk in their sleeping bag, it's not that safe. If you just put them to bed in pyjamas and a duvet chances are the duvet will be kicked off in the night. If your children are anything like mine this makes them cry, so you have to get out of your warm bed to cover them up. This could happen many times in the night, particularly in the winter.

Well, not any more. The Twinkle Tog is a brilliant invention. It kept 2 year old Cash warm all night and he could move about easily without getting twisted up. I was concerned that the Twinkle Tog would be bulky, but it's cosy and comfortable.

The Twinkle Tog is available in summer and winter tog ratings and in several funky prints. It is currently sold exclusively through Mothercare and retails at £29.99.  There is a buy 1 get 1 half price offer currently running, but for a limited time only.

Boys Treasure

I was asked to take a look at a couple of websites selling gifts for boys and girls. The boys' site is and the girls' site is

The sites are easy to navigate and there are some fantastic, great value products available.

We were sent a pirate alarm clock (£13.99) which arrived beautifully packaged. It is ideal for teaching the boys how to tell the time.

While I'm not keen on too many gender specific toys, there are plenty of items on both sites that I have earmarked for my present box and the boys' birthdays. I particularly liked the Make a train kit, a good value present at £5.99.

There is a huge range of dressing up outfits in Pink Heaven. I'm hoping this Princess Violet dress comes in adult sizes, ahem!