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Bearing Up: What To Look For When Choosing a Teddy Bear For Your Infant

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The first teddy bears were made in the early 1900s. They were given the name ‘teddy’ after the US president of the time, Theodore Roosevelt, who was in office between 1901 and 1909 and despite much contempt was often referred to as ‘Teddy’. The first teddy bears were made by two toymakers – one German and one American – Richard Steiff and Morris Michtom and straight away became one of the most popular children’s toys ever. Teddies still haven’t lost their appeal either as they remain one of the most popular gifts for babies, children and even adults.

Teddy bears make a great gift for a new born baby as they engage their senses. The soft fur of a modern teddy is something that babies love and a teddy bear therefore makes a great gift for a baby’s birth as well as future birthdays and Christmases. Although people of all ages love teddies, if you’re considering purchasing one for a new baby there are a few things you should take into account.

Traditional or modern teddies?

Traditional bears, like Steiff’s classic teddy bears are harder, more rigid and have much coarser fur than a modern teddy. A traditional teddy generally has smaller eyes and a longer nose and limbs, which means that they’re usually collected and put on display rather than squeezed and cuddled like a modern bear. Traditional bears are not necessarily intended for children, although they make a great gift if you want to encourage the start of a collection. A modern bear, on the other hand, has much softer features and is generally a soft toy aimed at children. The fur of a modern teddy bear is usually exceptionally soft so babies love them because they’re warm and snuggly. You can buy bears for special occasions too – whether it’s a birth, birthday or Christmas you’ll be able to find a modern bear that’s fit for purpose.


When young children are around, safety is of the utmost importance, so it’s only natural to want to be sure that the product you’re giving to a child is totally safe. Although teddy bears can be extremely expensive and are aimed at adults just as much as they are at children, they are essentially still toys and therefore must comply with all toy safety standards.

If you buy a teddy for a child with a hard nose and eyes, as opposed to ones that are merely stitched on, then it’s important to make sure they’re attached securely because young children have a habit of pulling and chewing the harder elements of a soft toy. If your aim is to start a collection for the child and you therefore wish to buy them a collectable teddy, it’s essential to inform the parents so that they don’t give it to their child as a toy. It’s usually the tags on collectables which helps them to hold their value, which means that it’s essential for them to stay intact, so these bears should be put on show for when the child is older as opposed to being treated as a toy.


Although nowadays teddy bears are available in all manner of colours, traditionally they were only available in varying shades of brown. If you prefer the look of a traditional teddy but want to give the baby a gift that they will benefit from right away – a modern teddy for example – then there are plenty of modern brown teddies about.

Alternatively, there are plenty of occasion bears out there, so if you are buying a teddy for a little baby’s birth then there’ll be plenty to choose from when it comes to appropriate colour and personalisation.


A teddy bear is generally the gift of choice for young children because it’s something they can enjoy right away. They can play with them and snuggle up against their new, soft toy at night. Teddy bears are made from a number of different materials. For example, synthetic fabrics are generally used to make modern bears, whereas pile or mohair is used for traditional, collectible bears. Mohair is considered the best type of fur, but its coarse nature means that it’s not necessarily the best choice for a baby – you’re more likely to see a mohair bear in a collection. If you want something cute and soft for the new addition then a bear made using synthetic fibres is the best choice because, this is likely to be the softest teddy and therefore a baby’s favourite.

Whatever teddy you choose, the recipient is sure to love it from the day they’re born and for many years afterwards.

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