Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Here is my son, Cash, trying Benjoy Munchcups.

This isn't a standard review though. I took the boys on a picnic with my NCT friends. One of them is the brother of Michelle, who set up Benjoy. He turned up with a big box of Benjoy Munchcups and all of us - adults and children alike - descended on them like lions on a fresh kill! So, not only I am writing this review for a friend, but also because I think the product is fantastic.

Benjoy Munchcups are ingenious no-spill snack pots containing delicious 100% natural nibbles for children.

There are currently five nutritious snacks to choose from: mini vegetable crisps, crunchy strawberries, multigrain bites, multigrain munchers and crunchy grapes.

They are currently available from Morrisons, Waitrose, Ocado, Amazon and Little Chef (£2.59 for four).

They have become a staple in my handbag, even when I'm out and about on my own! They would also be ideal in lunch boxes.

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