Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Douwe Egberts Aromettes

I was sent some Douwe Egberts Aromettes to try. I was also sent a cafetière to test them in.
I was keen to try the coffee bean shaped Aromettes as the smell wafting from the tins was amazing. 
Here is the blurb:

"The Secret of Aromettes®
By naturally compressing ground coffee into a unique bean shape straight after roasting, Douwe Egberts Aromettes® lock in the best of the taste and aroma. Simply add Aromettes® to your cafetière or filter machine in place of ground coffee. As soon as the Aromettes® come into contact with hot water, the fresh taste and aroma is released, giving you a delicious coffee full of flavour. With Douwe Egberts Aromettes®, you can be sure of a delicious, perfectly brewed cup of coffee every time."

The reality is a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. I have to say that I'm not a coffee geek. I occasionally have a 'proper' coffee when I'm out, an Americano, but have never bothered with coffee machines at home because of the cost, the hassle and the mess. There is none of that with this ground coffee.
The only thing that confused me was the instruction of one bean = one cup. How big is a cup? How big is my cafetière? After a little experiment and one very strong cup of coffee I worked it out! 
There are currently two flavours: smooth and intense. I prefer the smooth. 
Each tin contains 30 Aromettes and costs £3.79. That's *gets out calculator* less than 13p per cup. Wow! My only concern is where to buy them. My usual supermarket doesn't sell them. I hope this changes soon.


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