Monday, 6 June 2011

Photo Books from Bonusprint

I was offered the opportunity to create a photo book by Bonusprint.

Sorting out your digital photographs can be daunting. I had always fancied creating a photo book, but didn't relish the thought of sorting through thousands of digital images. Now I am a convert and will be taking the time to find my best photographs to convert into photo books.

Quite simply, this is one of the best products I have ever reviewed.

As a test I chose my favourite photographs from our honeymoon. The online upload process is simple. The wizard guides you through each stage. You are offered optional extras, such as extra glossy prints or one of your photographs on the front cover. The pricing is clear for any additional prints or other extras. Photo books start at just £9.99.

You can choose the layout of your photographs and there is an excellent onscreen preview that instantly updates when you make any changes. I managed to put some photographs together on a double page and make them look panoramic.

When the photo book arrived it exceeded all my expectations. The hard-cover book is very well made. The glossy pages are tough and show off the photographs beautifully. In very little time and for a relatively small outlay, you can create a stunning coffee table book.

I can't emphasise how much I love my Bonusprint photo book!

Less bulky than a traditional photo album, photo books are perfect for weddings, honeymoons, babies, your first trip to Disney or just for everyday family photographs. I hope my family aren't reading this, but if they are they will now know that they are all getting photo books for Christmas.

Thank you, Bonusprint!



  1. I'm in the process of making a Photobook with Bonusprint (not a freebie, unfortunately) I use the company to print off my normal prints and they printed our Christmas card this year from a photo I'd taken and it was brilliant. The photobook will be lots of photos of my dad, who died in February. I'm scanning lots of photos of him and the rest of the family and bit by bit am building it up. Bit worried some of the scanned photos are very grainy so fingers crossed it will come out ok!

  2. Aw, Trish, what a lovely idea. One of the photos I put in my photo book was poor quality. The photo book wizard suggested I reduce the size of the print as it would not look great A4 size. It ended up as 5'x 3' and looks fine. You may have to do this if some of your images are grainy. Maybe one of the smaller books would be best. I hope you get on okay x

  3. What a lovely idea - they look great and really would make a lovely gift.

  4. Suze, they're a bit special and, as you say, would make wonderful gifts x