Sunday, 3 October 2010

Zingzillas - The Album

We don't watch that much television, but we have seen the CBeebies world music programme, ZingZillas, so we were happy to review the CD: ZingZillas - The Album.

As soon as it arrived I popped it into the laptop and when the boys heard the 'ZingZillas Theme' they came running. They were disappointed that it wasn't a DVD, but listened anyway. I was impressed by the production quality and surprised at how catchy the songs are.

We soon moved the CD to the car and now when I start the engine I get an excited chorus of 'ZingZillas!' from the back seat.

This is how entertaining this CD is, I had driven two thirds of the way from Preston to Ormskirk - on my own - before I realised I was listening to AND ENJOYING a children's CD! My favourite tracks *ahem* are 'Welcome to the Island' and 'Drift Away' (the one with the harp).

So it's a huge thumbs up from us!

ZingZillas - The Album is released tomorrow, 4th October 2010, and is available from all good music shops.