Monday, 18 October 2010

Crazy Chefs Game

The Crazy Chefs Game is another wonderful board game from Orchard Toys. It has taken over from Old MacDonald Lotto as our favourite game.

Each child has a chef board and has to collect 7 ingredients, a plate and the finished meal. I say 'each child', but there are 5 boards, so Presley's Monkey usually makes the kebabs, Presley makes 'noogles' (noodles) and cup cakes, Cash makes shepherd's pie and his Big Teddy makes pizza! We don't follow the rules to the letter, but we're happy with our slightly simplified version of the game. Older children would be able to follow the rules of course.

This game is well made, great fun and educational too. The boys can now recite the ingredients they need to make their various meals. When I'm cooking their tea they ask what the ingredients are, they now understand cooking a lot better than before.

We love this game and play it every day!

The Crazy Chefs Game is available from Toys R Us for £6.99.

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