Friday, 17 September 2010

Old MacDonald Lotto

The Old MacDonald Lotto Game is made in England by Orchard Toys.

It is a farmyard lotto game for 2-4 players aged between 2 and 6. Each child (and Mummy) chooses a board, then you match cards to your board. As each card is revealed you make the animal noise or action. The winner is the first one to fill their board and find their farmer.

What we like about this game is that it is well made, brightly coloured and fun. The pictures are clear. The boys have their favourite boards now and can remember which cards they need.

As the boys are only just 3 and 2 we don't strictly follow the rules when we play, but this game has been asked for and played with every day since it arrived.

It's a firm favourite in the Calico household, we love it!

The Old MacDonald Lotto Game is available from Toys R Us for £8.99.

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