Saturday, 18 September 2010

Timmy Time Pop Up Game

The Timmy Time Pop Up Game features the lovable lamb, Timmy, from TV's Timmy Time programme.

Load up Timmy with a collection of items, but watch out! Timmy may pop up and drop the lot. Similar to the games of my youth, Buckaroo and Jaws, this game is one of balance and suspense. It promises so much, but does it deliver?

No, sadly. While my children enjoyed playing with this game, they couldn't play with it as intended. Some of the items are almost impossible to put on. The bib is awkward, the hat needs to be at exactly the right angle and the football requires the steady hand of an adult, even then it falls off. A lot. Sometimes the mechanism holding Timmy down fails and you just can't get him to stay down at all. It's frustrating for the child when this happens as you can only load up Timmy when he is in position. When Timmy does pop up it is an anti-climax. It is too gentle, the items just fall off him. It doesn't make you jump.

With a few refinements this could be a great game, but unfortunately it currently gets the verdict of could do better. We wanted it to be better than it was so we were disappointed. If your child LOVES Timmy though, they may enjoy playing with him anyway.

The Timmy Time Pop Up Game is suitable from age 3 and there is some adult assembly required.

The Timmy Time Pop Up Game is available at Toys R Us for £9.99.

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