Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Spanx Higher Power

It's not often a company offers to sponsor your underwear, but that is precisely what Tights Please did for a few parenting bloggers attending The MADs (Mummy and Daddy Blogging Awards), held last week at Butlins, Bognor Regis.

I chose some Spanx ShapewearSpanx Higher Power are available on Tights Please for £29.99.

Spanx Higher Power are high waisted control pants. They pull on easily and are soft to the touch. They sit under your bra line and extend down to your thighs, smoothing and shaping. So your midriff, waist, tummy, backside and thighs are covered. There are no bulges at the top or at the legs - you measure your height and weight to find the perfect size for you.

I didn't feel constricted or uncomfortable, I just felt smoothed. Of course there is nothing that will make you smaller, but I felt held in and confident. There were no lumps and bumps or wobbly bits! I wore them for several hours and never once felt like I had to take them off. They stayed in position and despite me checking a few times, I didn't need to adjust them or pull them up.

I will wear them again and again, any time I need a confidence boost. They are simply brilliant and worth every penny.

Thank you to Lauren at Tights Please and Claire at 20 Something Mum for arranging my underwear and thanx Spanx!


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