Monday, 18 October 2010

Moon Sand Demolition Set

The Moon Sand Demolition Set includes a construction figure, digger, sand box and two colours of moon sand. Using the inter-changable scoop as a brick-maker you can build walls and demolish them repeatedly with the wrecking ball.

Moon Sand is wonderful stuff. It doesn't dry out, so it can be used over and over again. But. There had to be a but! It's still sand. In your house. Yes, it vacuums up, but as the sand box is open at the middle this means the sand isn't contained during play.

At 3 and 2, my boys are little young for this and made their own entertainment by walking the builder and driving the digger through the sand. I think I'll put it away for next summer, the boys will be older and they can play with it outside!

The Moon Sand Demolition Set is currently available from Toys R Us for £11.99 (was £14.99).

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  1. We reviewed some moon sand and I had to say that the sand being traipsed up and down my house drove me demented. BUT, the boys loved it, they really did. Kept the 3 year old happy for ages and every child that comes over loves it too.

    I just keep it locked in the back with STRICT instructions that it is not to go anywhere near the stairs!

  2. Pants With Names, I have to admit I cried a little when I saw it. I need to be brave and get it out again - before next summer! :-)