Sunday, 5 December 2010

Good Food, Fast

I think this new Dairy Cookbook, Good Food, Fast, (£9.99) must have been written for me.

All the meals are ready in thirty minutes. I love eating, but mostly life is too short to spend hours cooking a meal in the week.

With a handy 'cook's information' section at the beginning to get you organised, the book then goes on to cover speedy soups, quick fixes, everyday eating, frozen assets, side orders and desserts, followed by a chapter called 'take the biscuit'. Me likey.

My favourite recipe from the book so far is the one for mushroom and pesto tarts. The instructions were spot on and clear. The tart was quick and easy to make and was delicious. The combination of chestnut mushrooms, puff pastry, pesto, pinenuts and parmesan was superb.

Good Food, Fast is a welcome addition to my kitchen.


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