Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Tonka Chuck's Garage Deluxe Stunt Playset

Tonka Chuck's Garage Deluxe Stunt Playset is a stunt park with a Tonka Chuck motorised vehicle, made by Hasbro.

Once assembled your child can set Chuck going and watch him do stunts. There is interaction as they have to help him onto the bridge section. They can also direct him where to go by positioning the track to keep him moving.

Presley, 3 and Cash, 2, absolutely loved this toy. I have to admit being a little surprised by this as they normally like to control all the vehicles in the house by 'brumming' them. The both spent hours watching and helping Chuck. The stunts are excellent and I found it mesmerising to watch! There is also a Chuck story book to set the scene.

We weren't keen on the packaging. We had to tear the box to get everything out. This meant that we couldn't then store it in the box. Also, there are sections that once clipped together do not come apart, so you need a large box to keep it in.

Having said that this toy gets the thumbs up from us.

You can see this and other toys in the range in action on YouTube.

Tonka Chuck's Garage Deluxe Stunt Playset is currently available for £34.99 (down from £39.99) at Toys R Us


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