Monday, 6 December 2010


The HEXBUG Nano is nothing to look at, while it's stationary. Turn it on and place it on a hard surface and you have the most amazing toy.

It looks and sounds like a cockroach (particularly the black one). In fact, the black one still freaks me out! They scuttle around like little bugs. If you put one on its back, it will flip over. They come in many colours and can be collected. All the information you need is online at HEXBUG.

The best thing about these little chaps is that you can contain them. You can build worlds for them to explore. You can buy habitats for them. It's back to basics in our house though. My boys have theirs in shoe boxes. Add a few props to the boxes and you can watch them for hours. We put two HEXBUG Nanos in a shoe box, along with a small football (ping pong ball size) and watched them play football. It was mesmerising.

£8.99 for a small electronic bug sounds a lot, but there aren't enough superlatives to describe the HEXBUG Nano. It is, quite simply, a brilliant toy.



  1. ooohhhh I'm liking the shoebox football match. I think we'll try that with ours :D

  2. Nickie, it's the best fun ever! :-)