Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Whitworths and a Recipe for the Easiest Fruit Cake in the World!

I'm not known for my baking, but I know my boys love cooking. So when Whitworths offered to send us a baking kit for children, I gratefully accepted. The boys tucked into their healthy fruit snacks straight away.

I searched the many recipes on their website and found one for a rich fruit loaf. It's an all-in-one fruit cake, so perfect for non-bakers like me. It is also a lighter alternative to traditional Christmas cakes.

The boys 'helped' me measure out all of the ingredients, then we got mixing.

Two hours later and hey presto, we have a fruit loaf!

And it's edible!

The proof of the pudding...

Thank you Whitworths, both for the baking kit and for the easiest fruit cake recipe in the world. It really is delicious and has made me feel like I'm an accomplished baker (with a little help from my boys)!



  1. Looks like you had a fun day! I am going to bake with my little man for the first time over the next week. Think I will start with cookies so he can cut them just as he does playdough with cake cutters. Am going to buy him a cute baking kit first too.

  2. There's so much they can do, mine love mixing the best! I hope you have a wonderful time baking x